Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slovak National Party (SNS) - Bratislava, 2012

The text reads: "How much longer are we going to support (and pay) for the Roma (Gypsies)?", "We're changing this!", "Let's vote for SNS, number 4". This is one of several anti-Roma billboards the SNS have run in the 2012 campaign. The picture was chosen to show Slovak voters that although Roma are poor, they all seem to have enough money for satellite dishes, and the pole in the background may indicate illegal connections to the electricity grid. Roma NGO organisations have protested against the racist hate speech included on these billboards, but SNS has not agreed to remove them, unlike in the 2010 campaign. One billboard accuses Ordinary People leader Igor Matovič of wanting to include Roma candidates in his party list; Slota was quoted as saying in response to this that "If the public vote for 150 Roma to be in parliament, then we will have a Roma parliament... now is that racist?" At least he still feels he must explain and defend his racist attacks, unlike Hungary's Jobbik who make no apologies for their hateful opinions...

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